Emily Brent

Falleció en el día 2/05/1943


Emily Brent died of a syringe, at 65 years old in The Soldier Island.

Always with you

Miss Emily Brent was a very upright & uptight 65-year-old woman.
She was very religious. She was retired, with no job and no money. Before Indian island, she had a servant girl working for her in her house. Her name was Beatrice Taylor.
Beatrice was good, she got everything done for Miss Brent, but Beatrice wasn’t so perfect after all when Miss Brent found out she was getting with guys. Miss Brent didn’t fully catch on until Beatrice became pregnant. It made Miss Brent drive Beatrice right onto the streets where she had no family, no money, no food. Nothing to get by. Beatrice Taylor Jumped in the river, and drowned herself. Making Miss Brent’s cold hearted soul responsible for her death. But with no law to accuse her of anything. She ended up here, on Indian Island.
She believed the killings were an act of God. She dies fifth in accordance with the bee sting line of Ten Little Indian Boys. She has been portrayed by various actresses over a variety of films and series

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Emily Brent

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